Manufactured & Mobile Home Interest Rates Stay Low

In spite of all of the conjecture that the FED was ready to raise Interest Rates at the Federal Open Market Committee meeting last week, once again they have decided to hold off. Apparently, the “economic indicating stars” still have not aligned from the FED’s perspective. Lenders and Borrowers alike exhaled a collective sigh of relief at the news because, like with previous meetings, there was considerable speculation that the time for a Rate Increase was finally upon us. In addition to the usual Domestic and Global economic indicators that the FED looks to, perhaps the fast approaching Holiday Season (i.e. Shopping Season) also contributed to their decision.  Although the U.S. Economy is seemingly performing the best that it has in years, there are facets of the economy, such as wage growth for example, that are really not where they should be in many Analyst’s eyes. In light of that, it’s safe to assume that the FED is still being cautious about making any moves that could throw the Economy’s tentative recovery off of it’s current trajectory. At this point, the next FOMC meeting is not until the end of December (i.e. immediately following the Shopping Season) so it remains a good time to take advantage of the historically low Interest Rates that still prevail.